Research within this department aims at a better understanding of our immune system using molecular-, cell biological- and immunological- techniques and is centred around dendritic cells (DCs) and regulatory T cells (Tregs) which play an important role in regulating the immune response.). In addition, the interplay between immune- and tumor cells is studied in the tumormicroenvironment. An important activity of the department is the translation of basic research into clinical application

Throughout the year the Department of Tumor Immunology recruits motivated PhD students, Postdocs or Technicians for new projects. Please visit the Radboudumc site for more information and to apply for current positions. You are welcome to inform at any time, also for vacancies not outlined. We advise you to send your CV accompanied with a motivation letter by e-mail to Sandy.Budde@radboudumc.nl  


Motivated undergraduate students are always welcome for internships within our department. Be aware that you make inquiries at least 6-9 months in advance to prevent disappointments. Please fill out the application form at https://tumor-immunology-lab.nl/internship/