The main teaching tasks of the department  of Tumor Immunology are within the Faculties of Medical Sciences and  Natural Sciences.

 The Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre offers three curricula: Medicine, Dentistry, and Biomedical Sciences, the department of Tumor Immunology participates in two of them: Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the bachelor and master level. 

The main bachelor blocks of these curricula are: Immunology and Oncology. Furthermore, the department coordinates the optional block for curriculum Medicine Gene and Immunotherapy and heavily participate in newly developed optional block of Biomedical Sciences: Cancer Research.

International Master courses have been developed for Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Mechanisms of Disease.

The department plays an important role in the international master program Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (MMD), since Tumor Immunology is one of the core themes of the programme. Faculty members of the department coordinate the main courses: Excellence in Communication and Core Fundamental Theme a (Immune Regulation). Regularly, members of our department organize Master classes within the MMD education.

Within the Faculty of Natural Science TIL participates in the Master curriculum of Molecular Life Sciences in the blocks Understanding of Molecular basis of the disease, Cellular communication, and Cause and effect in tissue damage and in the Master curriculum of Biology/Medical Biology in the blocks Immunology, and Molecular and Translational Oncology.

In addition, the members of the department are active in the Honours program of the Medical Faculty, in the activities organized by research institutes RIMLS and Research Institute for Oncology, as well as in Capita Selecta series.


Motivated undergraduate students are always welcome for internships within our department. Be aware that you make inquiries at least 6-9 months in advance to prevent disappointments. Please fill out the application form at