Galectin group

Team members

Name: Laia Querol Cano
Function: group leader
Bio: Laia received a tenure track position in 2019. She is originally from Barcelona and obtained her PhD in Molecular Oncology in 2013 at Imperial College London. She has a background in cell and molecular biology and has been studying how glycan-mediated interactions determine cell function and what are the consequences for tumour immunology. In her free time, Laia enjoys socialising with friends, gardening and scrapbooking.

Name: René Classens
Function: research technician
Bio: René Classens joined the galectin group as a Research Technician in September 2020. His studies focus on the effect of galectins in dendritic cell function and links to anti-tumour immunity. He uses a variety of in vivo and in vitro techniques (immunological assays, western-blot, IP, PCR) to elucidate mechanisms regarding primary dendritic cell migration and T-cell proliferation. After obtaining his bachelor degree in 2018 focusing on mitochondrial diseases, he worked as a Technician within the paediatric nephrology department, after which his interests shifted to immunology. Outside the lab, René plays guitar in is band, and enjoys travelling around, nature and spending time with friends and family.

Name: Andrea Rodgers Furones
Function: PhD student
Bio: Andrea was born in Mallorca and graduated from the university of Barcelona with a BSc in Biochemistry. She then obtained her Master degree in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (Radboud University, The Netherlands) in 2021. She became passionate about tumor immunology throughout her two internships carried out in Radboud Institute for Molecular and Life Sciences (The Netherlands) and Karolinska Institute (Sweden), while working on dendritic cell-mediated T and natural killer (NK) cell activation, respectively. Andrea was awarded a position to do her PhD after winning the Radboudumc PhD proposal competition, together with Dr. Querol Cano and Prof. Annemiek van Spriel. Her project focuses on how galectins (glycan-binding lectins) orchestrate the dendritic cell function during T cell activation in anti-tumor immunity. In her free time, Andrea enjoys playing the piano, hiking or sporting, traveling and being surrounded by friends and family.

Former team members

  • Anne van Duffelen (research technician)
  • Rui Santalla Méndez (ERASMUS exchange student)
  • Vince van Reijmersdal (Bachelor student)
  • Julia Hitschfeld (ERASMUS exchange student)