Gerty Schreibelt


My research focuses on the immunobiology of dendritic cell (DC) subsets with the ultimate goal to use DC as anti-cancer vaccines. My aim is to understand the functional properties of the various DC subsets, focusing on differences in migratory behavior, cytokine-expression, antigen processing and presentation, and to directly translate these findings into new clinical studies with DC-based immunotherapy of cancer. Also, I want to understand how the tumor microenvironment can suppress the immunostimulatory functions of DC. For the department of Tumor Immunology, I am advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP; a.o. DC vaccines) specialist and responsible for GMP production, quality control and product release of DC vaccines for the clinical studies with DC vaccination of cancer. My research thus covers basic research as well as the clinical application.

Short CV

Gerty Schreibelt obtained her Master’s degree in Biology from the University of Groningen in 2002 and her PhD from the VU University in Amsterdam in 2007. Her thesis focused on the role of reactive oxygen species in the formation of inflammatory multiple sclerosis lesions. During her PhD, she was a visiting scientist at the Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie in Berlin, Germany. After obtaining her PhD, she joined the department of Tumor Immunology in the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS), where she studies the use of dendritic cells as anti-cancer vaccines. Gerty’s research mainly focusses on natural circulating dendritic cell subsets and their application in immunotherapy of cancer. In a recent clinical study, she showed that immunotherapy with naturally circulating dendritic cells can induce potent anti-tumor immune responses and objective clinical responses in advanced melanoma patients. A phase III randomized placebo-controlled trial to prove clinical efficacy of dendritic cell-based immunotherapy is currently ongoing in stage IIIB and IIIC melanoma patients. Gerty obtained grants from the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF), ZonMW and Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij (KiKa). She is member of the Dutch-Flemish workgroup on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products and the Dutch Society for Immunology (NVVI) Lunteren Symposium Committee.

Key words: tumor immunology, cancer immunotherapy, dendritic cell vaccines, naturally circulating dendritic cell subsets, GMP, Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP)

Breakthrough discoveries

  • Vaccination with tumor antigen-loaded natural circulating dendritic cell subsets can induce functional anti-tumor immune responses and objective clinical responses in advanced cancer patients (Cancer Research 2013; Clinical Cancer Research 2016).
  • Plasmacytoid and myeloid blood dendritic cells can take up and cross-present tumor antigens to CD8+ T cells (Blood 2013).
  • The C-type lectin receptor CLEC9A mediates antigen uptake and (cross-) presentation by human blood BDCA3+ myeloid dendritic cells (Blood 2012).
  • Prophylactic vaccines contain toll-like receptor ligands and can be used as clinical grade maturation factor for dendritic cells for immunotherapy of cancer (Blood 2010; Cancer Immunol Immunother 2016).

Key publications

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