Dendritic Cell Vaccination group

Dendritic Cell (DC) therapy represents a promising immunotherapeutic approach for the treatment of cancer. The beauty of DC therapy is that it exploits the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. We were amongst the first (since 1997) investigating the potency of this approach, where DC were isolated or grown from immune cells isolated from the blood of a cancer patient. Within specialized cleanrooms, personalized DC vaccines are prepared by activating DC and loading them with tumor antigens. Subsequently, patients are vaccinated. For more details on the DC vaccination procedure see this movie. So far, we have mainly focused on melanoma, a cancer of the pigmented cells of the skin. We have treated more than 350 patients until now and observed that DC vaccination is well tolerated with minimal side effects. In some patients we have seen remarkable and long lasting remissions. We constantly improve our vaccines to reach even better clinical results.

Team members clinical trials:
Technicians: Annemiek de Boer, Kevin Bos, Tjitske Duiveman-de Boer, Tom van Oorschot, Carlijn Popelier, Jeanette Pots, Mandy van de Rakt, Nicole Scharenborg
Physicians: Jeroen Creemers, Harm Westdorp
Trial manager, Research nurse: Simone Hins-de Bree
Proces operator: Gerty Schreibelt