Computational Immunology Group

  • The Cellular Potts Model

We study one of nature’s most amazing creations, the adaptive immune system, from a computational and information-centric perspective. How do cells in the immune system process information? How do they learn, forget, and get confused? How do they collaborate with each other to make better decisions collectively than they could individually? We strive to harness the insights we gain for the benefit of both immunology and computer science. We have been involved in cancer research, the development of vaccines, and research into viruses, but we have also made important contributions to building better nature-inspired machine learning algorithms. Our group is diverse in many respects and hosts computer scientists, a medical doctor and a molecular biologist under the same umbrella. We are passionate about good science and we care about doing things well and getting them right.

Our group is affiliated with both the Radboudumc and the RU. We maintain our own website: